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A Wonderful Way To Spend A Gloomy Winter's Day: Creative Story Writing for Children

by Amanda at Trumpety Trump (

I have a suggestion that may be of interest to some of you during the long dreary winter months which look as if they are just around the corner.

Many years ago, a little girl called Gillian, thought she would like to go into the business of writing stories. At the time, she was only nine years old but her little head was full of ideas. She had always loved the stories which her Daddy used to read to her and felt sure that she could invent some of her very own.

The first collection was entitled "Underwater Stories" and ran into five chapters. They weren't very long, just long enough to be interesting. Eventually one of the local newspapers got to hear about them and decided to publish them. Gillian grew up, of course as little girls do, but by this time she had developed an interest in all forms of writing and literature, so much so that she went off to college at the age of 18 and studied to become a very successful teacher of English and Literature. She went on to teach 'A' level students and helped many of them through their exams. She was also in charge of a special unit helping children to overcome serious reading problems.

Sadly, at the age of 49, she was taken very ill and passed away. Her work has been an inspiration to those that knew her and I leave you with the first of her little stories. Some of your children may like to have a go at writing themselves and in any case it's a wonderful way to spend a gloomy winter's day!
Underwater Stories
Sharon the Shrimp
Chapter 1, "A little bit of fun"

One morning at 8 o'clock, a noise was heard in a little hole under the water. It was Mrs Shrimp dressing the children. "Oh please Polly, don't keep dropping your socks and you Sharon, stop showering that water all over your dress." "Oh, alright Mummy, can I go exploring today?" "Yes, I suppose so, but don't get your clothes all dirty." So they walked on, Polly and Sharon, through the passages underground.

Suddenly!, "A Lobster, g-golly, let's go home," said Polly. "No we shan't," said Sharon. They got a little nearer to the Lobster and suddenly the pincers sprang out and caught hold of the two Shrimps, swallowed them with one gulp and chuckled with satisfaction.

Inside the Lobsters tummy sat Polly and Sharon. Soon Sharon had an idea. "Hurray," she yelled. Polly jumped "I know" said Sharon, "We will tickle the Lobster and then he will laugh so that his mouth opens and we can slip out." "Golly, what a good idea" said Polly.

So their task began and they started tickling the Lobster. At first it was only a little giggle that he made and then it got a bit bigger until it was a loud roar and the Shrimp children were able to get out with no difficulty at all. When they got home, their Mummy was very cross because their clothes were all red. But the Shrimps were laughing to much to hear the scolding they got. You know why they were laughing don't you?

If you enjoyed reading Gillian's story, look out for the next story coming soon...

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